Get to know all about Norton Password Manager

About the Norton password manager, we can say that it is a one-stop solution for securing and organizing your data in one place. It helps a user in many ways and gives them the opportunity to deal securely with their essential stuff. Using this, you can provide a safety shield to your credit card information as well as your passwords. On top of that, it keeps a note of your addresses, login info of various accounts, and more so that you don’t need to remember it.

norton password manager

The manager can be used to control the information that needs much attention and security. Whenever you make any online transaction, you do not have to worry about your financial information going into the wrong hands. If you are using a password manager app on your device, then you don’t have to fill the website forms manually because it does these things on your behalf that too securely.

Features of Norton Password Manager

Password manager features-

  1. It helps you save your time by synchronizing your information.
  2. Keeps a record of your login information on multiple devices and web browsers.
  3. You can also enjoy the features of the Norton toolbar on it.
  4. It lets you enjoy a safer web experience.
  5. Informs you well in advance about the malicious websites.
  6. It displays the ratings next to every search result.

Web Portal features-

  1. The web portal allows you to access your cloud vault securely even if you are not using Norton Security.
  2. Using it, you can enjoy the features of the password manager even if you are using a PC at an Internet café.
  3. Nobody other than you can access the cloud vault because it has high-security features.

Waysto get Norton Password Manager

  • Although it comes pre-included with the Norton products such as Norton Security, if it is not already present, then you can download it from
  • Install it for free as a standalone product.
  • Complete the Norton password manager login process and go to the products section to directly purchase it from there.

To sum up-

If you are wondering “How to sync devices on Norton Password Manager”, then you should note that no matter what devices you are using, the changes you make in it, the data gets automatically synchronized with all other devices. For more help and information, visit the official website of Norton.

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