December 14, 2019 – Login Norton Account Viruses and malwares can give your PC and laptop a hard time to work properly. They have the strength to mitigate the processing speed of your computer, delete confidential data, and bring down your system’s performance to zero. Viruses have the capability to bring severe consequences to your PC if remained unchecked for long.

Login to your Norton account and get access to best Norton products.

Norton setup product key will help you get started with Norton online security against such threats.

How to sign in to your Norton My Account?

Norton account is accessible on desktop, laptops and mobile devices that are equipped with Internet service. All you need is to open the on your web browser and sign in to your account by entering the username and password that you used while creating the Norton account.

Once you gain access in your Norton my account, you can download and install your subscribed Norton products multiple times and extend the security to other devices as well in a single subscription. You will have all the latest updates and offers at your fingertip. You can choose to enroll in Auto-renewal services to ensure uninterrupted security for the entire year and beyond. It allows users to get their Norton renewed automatically once they reach their expiry date.

Go through the steps to sign in your Norton account:

How do I create a Norton account to download and install Norton Setup?

If you already have an account, but forgot password then you can click “Forgot My Password” option and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you don’t have an account, then you can click on Sign up and fill in your personal details to create a new account.

  1. Go to the and sign in
  2. Create an account by giving your information when asked
  3. Create and enter a valid Email ID and Password for your account. You will need these credentials to sign in your Norton account in future
  4. Choose your region
  5. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the private policy, then click to “Agee” to accept the policy and, then click on “Create Account”

If you are facing any issues while creating your account, then you can ask for help on Norton setup Customer Support With some of exceptional and out of the box quality features, Norton has gained a reputation of being one of the most popular Antivirus platforms. Especially, for those who are looking out for the security of their data, software, applications, and online network against hackers and cyber criminals.

Here are some most sought after Norton products that are accessible via :

  •    Norton Security Premium
  •    Norton Security Deluxe
  •    Norton Antivirus Basics
  •    Norton Small Business
  •    Norton Security Standard
  •    Norton Core Security Router
  •    Norton WiFi Privacy

Log in to your account to get started:

  •    Activate your product
  •    Access your backup
  •    Access your backup
  •    Manage your Norton subscriptions
  •    Reinstall Norton products by using your product keys stored in your account
  •    Buy storage to add more space for your online backup

How to enroll in Auto-renewal services via

How should I confirm my enrollment in the service?

  1. Sign in to your Norton account via
  2. Navigate to “My Subscription” tab and check the slider is turn on or off.
  3. If the slider is “ON” and a green flashes next to the “Active Norton Product” tab, it means Automatic Renewal service is active.
  4. If the slider is “OFF” with a red light, then Automatic Renewal Service is disabled.

A network error is a very common error that can prevent you to login your Norton account

This error commonly arises due to temporary network connectivity issues. The error may also occur if your PC goes into hibernation mode. To resolve this problem, please check your internet connectivity and sign in to your Norton login account by entering the ID and password you used when creating then account.

To fix this error, you must follow the instructions:

If you’re still facing difficulties while signing in your Norton account, then you can ask for help on


If you face issues while following any of the above instructions, you can feel free to contact Norton Customer Support services for technical assistance. They are available 24/7 hours for the convenience of the customers. Get in touch with them via phone call, LiveChat and email exchange options.

The contacts details are available on the official website of Norton. You can also get the details once you login to your Norton account via from

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