September 10, 2019 – How to Setup Norton NU16? | Norton Utilities 16 does way more than just disk defragmentation. NU16 is an app that runs on personal computers and Macs, which makes it unique among defragmentation programs, and it also has a bootup optimization method.

The application has a tool named Smart Defrag to make maintenance automatic. It also monitors the system’s hard drive and defragments it on its own when it attains a particular level of fragmentation. Therefore the user does not need to begin each process manually. Depending on how frequently the user scans the system hard drive, they can pick from either a quick defragmentation option or a complete system scan.

System Requirement For

For PCs running Windows XP, NU16 needs a 233MHz processor and at least 64MB of free storage space. When used on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Vista as a defragmentation application, NU16 needs a 1GHz processor. 32-bit Windows PCs will require a minimum of 1GB of free space whereas 64-bit systems require 2GB of Random Access Memory to operate. Systems running Windows 10 require a minimum of100MB of free space, SVGA video and a stable internet connection for updates.

Norton Utilities 16 is also available for Mac OS 9.2 (and later) as well as Mac OS X 10.1 (and later). A single license provides the user access to the application on three different devices, and there is no need for the users to subscribe to monthly or annual service.

With a solid background in protection and cybersecurity, Symantec Corp keeps its track record secure with this renewed variant of their utility software. Norton Utilities 16 is a stand-alone application to be used in combination with other security and safety programs to keep the PC up to date and for it to give the most excellent performance achievable.

How to Setup Norton NU 16?

Installing is a very straightforward procedure. If the user is installing a copy of Norton suite for the first time, then the process will go smoothly. The installation process is a basic point and clicks process which offers the consumers with basically a fail-proof setup. However, if the user already has a copy of Norton Utilities installed on their device or any other conflicting Utility software, then they will have to uninstall and remove it before installing a fresh copy of Norton Utilities 16.

Norton Utilities 16 can be activated by going to or and entering the 25 character alphanumeric product key.

After completing the download, installation, and activation, Norton Utilities 16 main UI will launch. It is basic and set in a precise and easy to comprehend format.

SmartDefrag Tool

SmartDefrag tool examines data and files for duplicate data so that the user does not waste space on their hard drive and it also removes all corrupted data. This tool diminishes future disk fragmentation problems. When a user has duplicate files on the hard drive, they waste precious storage space, which can reduce the PC’s overall speed. If a relevant document is removed on account of an accident, it can be restored quickly.

This defragmentation app has features that can further improve the PC’s boot-up speed, observe the well-being of the hard drive and patch broken files. It is capable of cleaning the hard disk of antiquated registry entries and web browsing history, and in severe instances, permanently eliminates 3rd party application and wipe hard drive. It also has a feature for restoration to restore a PC to a former position as far as applications and settings. The system dashboard can guide the user through such methods to get the PC operating at best efficiency.


With the capacity to retrieve previously lost data, repair hard drive issues, fix the Windows registry and also conduct a complete System Restore, NU16 places a higher bar for PC integrity than any other rival utility software. The Registry Monitor is capable of helping programs open faster, as well as provide the PC user a notification when patches need to be implemented. To stop PC crashes and damage to data, the Disk Doctor regularly operates to inspect for hard drive issues. Included all in one utility software, these features are easy to use and beneficial when unforeseen errors pop up.


Norton Utilities 16 has the best tools for system optimization. For instance, the Startup Manager assists the user in deciding which applications to load, accelerating the startup process, whereas the Speed Disk tool improves defragmentation administration.


The Smart Update tool has automatic updates which can be scheduled, and it also has the option to update now. In order to upgrade the system, just click on the Now button. This utility app always remains updated and is incredibly simple to maintain. An added benefit is the capacity to schedule error scans as well as the defragmentation of the Windows registry, along with both internal as well as external system drives – the PC’s well-being can be sustained without even interrupting the user’s regular work.


The Disk Cleaner tool provides peace of mind by removing isolated documents or data forever that might be infected by hackers. As a supplementary security tool, Norton Utilities 16 regularly deletes previously saved login credentials on the computer, involving the ones kept in the web browsers. This is a protection feature to defend the user from undesired password hacks by hackers, but to a few people, it can be an annoyance if they do not remember their passwords or have them secure at a safe location.

Registry Monitor

This tool not only provides the user to see when the Windows registry requires to be fixed but can also improve the bootup speed and performance of programs.

Ease of Use

Since it is easy to setup, and it defragments automatically, Norton Utilities 16 is excellent for an amateur computer user. Advanced apps in regular terms enable this to be a utility suite beneficial to both homes as well as skilled professional users.

Norton NU16 works as a catalyst on old computers. It not only brings them back to life but it also fixes issues. Setup Norton Utilities 16 by going to

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